The OSG at a glance

Welcome to the homepage of the Otto-Schott-Gymnasium Mainz-Gonsenheim

"the Mainz Gymnasium which is situated in the green valley of the Gonsbach"

An Schneiders Mühle 1
55122 Mainz
Tel: 06131 906560
Fax: 06131 9065615

office hours: Mo - Fr: 7.45 - 16.00

The Otto-Schott-Gymnasium Mainz-Gonsenheim is a state school, funded by the City of Mainz

Main features

  • The OSG is now a so-called G8/GTS school, which means that students can graduate after 8 years already.
  • The opportunity to attend an all-day school in classes 5-7 is available at the Gymnasium Gonsenheim
  • The school is a recognised centre for teaching gifted pupils and also has an international school
  • Our bilingual section is a particularly noteworthy feature of our school which offers the opportunity of getting the French 'baccalauréat'.
  • In year 5, pupils choose either English or French as their first foreign language.
  • From year 6, those pupils who are taking English can choose either French or Latin as their second foreign language; those taking French in the "bilinguale Zug" must take English.
  • From year 9, it is possible to study Latin or Spanish as a third foreign language; in addition, we offer Italian in years 10 to 12.
  • We offer exchanges with schools in England, France, Ireland, Italy, and the USA.
  • Since 1992 we have been using new teaching methods in years 5 and 6.
  • MINT - From year 5 we offer special courses in the fields of Maths,Natural Sciences and IT.
  • Since 1997, OSG has been taking part in the "KESch" project (Klimaschutz durch Energiesparen anSchulen - an environmental project promoting energy efficiency in schools).
  • In year ten, each pupil has the opportunity to take part in a work experience scheme for two weeks, also in France or England.
  • If you prefer printed material, please download here.